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Space out and read, read about the solar eclipse, all things astronomical and galaxies far, far away! with eclipse themed graphics

On April 8, 2024 Elgin County will experience a once-in-a-lifetime Total Solar Eclipse!

We have lots of resources to help you learn more about the solar eclipse and all things astronomical! 

Time left until the Total Solar Eclipse:

The Total Solar Eclipse has already happened!

Explore our online databases for info and space-themed learning:

World Book Online gives you the right amount of information! Available in 4 levels of learning from Early Learning to Advanced. Here’s a taste of what sort of information is available in just one of our databases!

Kids (Grades K+):

“A solar eclipse takes place when the moon blocks the light of the sun. This makes the shadow of the moon pass across Earth.”
"Eclipse." World Book Kids, 2024

Student (Grades 5+):

“A total solar eclipse is one of nature's most impressive sights. The dark moon appears on the western edge of the sun and moves slowly across the sun. At the moment of total eclipse, a brilliant halo flashes into view around the darkened sun .... A total solar eclipse can be seen only in certain parts of the world. These areas lie in the path of totality, the path along which the moon's shadow passes across Earth. The path of totality is never wider than about 170 miles (274 kilometers).”
Rickard, Lee J. "Eclipse." World Book Student, 2

Advanced (Grades 9+):

“A partial solar eclipse or a partial phase of a total eclipse should be viewed only with special filters that cut the solar light to a safe level. Sunglasses and smoked glasses do not provide enough protection .... A total solar eclipse can be viewed safely without protection only when the disk of the sun is completely hidden and only the corona is visible. The corona is no brighter than a full moon.”
Rickard, Lee J. "Eclipse." World Book Advanced, 2024

Some of our Library Branches will be hosting programs in the lead up to April 8. Please contact your local branch to find out if they have anything planned. If the program is in partnership with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, there may be a limited quantity of eclipse viewers being handing out to those attending the program only.

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Space Out & Read

Space Out & Read On April 8, 2024 Elgin County will experience a once-in-a-lifetime Total Solar Eclipse! We have lots of resources to help you learn more about the solar

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