Support Your Library

Ways to Help Your Library

You can support your library and your community a number of ways. All gifts, no matter how big or how small, have the power to make a difference. 

Make a Financial Donation

Elgin County Library is a registered charity and a donation can be made as a one-time donation or a recurring one. Use the form below to make a donation. Every thing big and small is greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers are managed at each individual branch. You can access the Volunteer Application Form ahead of time, fill it out and bring it to the location you wish to volunteer at.

Please contact your local branch to learn about volunteering opportunities. All branch contact information is on our Hours & Locations page.

Donate Books or other Library Materials

Elgin County Library does accept donations of books with the following criteria:

  • Material obtained as gifts, including self-published material and that of local creators, must meet the same standards as those stated in the Library’s Collection Development Policy in order to be included in the Library collection. 
  • Any gift will become the property of Elgin County Library. 
  • Tax receipts will only be issued for accepted donations of historical significance and/or large theme collections when accompanied by an appraisal that reflects the current market value. 
  • Appraisals must be done by a Canadian Revenue Agency approved appraiser. The donor is at liberty to make his/her own arrangements for an appraisal. The cost of the appraisal must be borne by the donor. 
  • No guarantee can be made that any gift will be a permanent part of the collection. 
  • Any gift of a periodical subscription must be for a minimum of three years and is subject to need and space. 
  • Library staff reserves the right to add only selected items from any donation. 
  • All items not added to the Library collection will be placed for sale with all proceeds going back to the Library as a financial donation. 

The Library does not accept: 

  • Books in poor condition (yellowing pages, pages that have been defaced or highlighted, broken bindings, musty smelling, etc.) 
  • Textbooks 
  • Other media in a condition that interferes with its use and/or enjoyment or in a format that is no longer collected by the Library 
  • Condensed books (Reader’s Digest) 
  • Dated information (old travel guides, etc.) 
  • Back issues of magazines, including National Geographic 

Please contact us with any questions.

Elgin County Library Holiday Hours

Saturday, December 23 at 1pm, all ECL branches are closed

December 24 – January 1, all ECL branches closed

Tuesday, January 2, all ECL branches open for regular hours

Our digital library is open all day every day!