Here you’ll find notable Canadian book awards celebrating:
Canadian writing, literary talent, the joy of reading, and the support of local Canadian content. 

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Run by the Ontario Library Association, the Forest of Reading champions a love of reading for individuals of all ages. Goals for this program include: developing recognition for Canadian authors and books, contributing to the financial stability of the Canadian publishing industry, and providing meaningful materials to improve literacy across Canada.

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The Blue Spruce Award

The Blue Spruce program introduces children ages 4 to 7 (kindergarten to grade 2) to recently published Canadian picture books.

The 2021 nominees are: 

The Silver Birch Express Award

The Silver Birch Express Award is comprised of fiction and nonfiction titles and is geared to readers ages 8-10 (grades 3-4).

The 2021 nominees are:

The Silver Birch Fiction Award

The Silver Birch Fiction list provides fiction books for readers aged 8 to 12 (grades 3-6). 

The 2021 nominees are:

The Yellow Cedar Award (NEW)

For the 2020 program year, the Forest of Reading consolidated our two school-aged nonfiction programs, the Silver Birch Nonfiction Award and the Red Maple Nonfiction Award, into one award program – the Yellow Cedar Award. This award provides nonfiction books for readers aged 9-14 (grades 4-8). 

The 2021 nominees are:

The Red Maple Award

 The Red Maple program is for grade 7 & 8 students aged 12 to 13. Each year, Red Maple offers a fiction list, and every other year it offers a nonfiction list. 

The 2021 nominees are:


The White Pine Award

The White Pine program offers high school-aged students, of all grade levels, the chance to engage with Canadian books and authors of fiction.

The 2021 nominees are:

The Evergreen Award

A group of experienced librarians come together each year to share their favourite Canadian books with adult readers. The Evergreen program is designed for adults of any age and includes both fiction and nonfiction titles.

The 2021 nominees are:

Le prix Peuplier

Le prix Peuplier is a reading program that invites young people to participate in read-alouds of French books written by Canadian authors.

The 2021 nominees are:

Le prix Mélèze (formerly Le prix Tamarac Express)

Le prix Mélèze is a French reading program that focuses on shorter chapter books and/or mature picture books to encourage young readers to read the best Canadian fiction and nonfiction books written in French.  

The 2021 nominees are:

Le prix Tamarac

Le prix Tamarac is a program that invites young people to read by allowing them to vote for their favourite books (fiction and nonfiction) from a selection of the best Canadian books written in French.

The 2021 nominees are: