Check It In, Check It Out!

About the Show

Elgin County Library sponsors a radio show for children that is broadcast on 105.9 DeBrigj FM. DeBrigj is an Aylmer-based radio station that serves the Mennonite communities of the eastern County. The programming on 105.9 FM is mostly delivered in low German, but Check it In, Check it Out will feature stories and interviews with children in English. One of the show’s regular guests will be a familiar face to Aylmer Library users, but can you recognize her voice?

Join host Julie Berry on Mondays at 5:15 pm for stories, community conversation and to learn more about the library. Each episode is replayed the following Wednesday at 5:15 pm.

Julie would like to express her sincere thanks to the Elgin County Library and Mennonite Community Services for their generous support.

Most Recent Episodes: