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The County of Elgin...

became incorporated in 1852, the original municipalities included the Townships of Aldborough, Dunwich, Southwold, Yarmouth, Malahide, Bayham and South Dorchester and the Village of St. Thomas which also served as the County Seat. In 1861, the City of St. Thomas officially separated from the County and formed a single tier government.

While the boundaries of the County have remained unchanged to this day, there have been a number of changes to local governments over time, with the emergence of new towns and villages and the departure of others. The most significant change occurred in 1998 when the County restructured into seven local municipalities.

The seven municipalities within Elgin County are all unique in their own ways, providing employment, recreation, transportation options and a friendly and welcoming feel to residents and visitors alike.


Grant Jones

Years on Council: 2nd Term
Municipality: Southwold
Office: Mayor/ Elgin County Warden 2017

Dominique Giguère

Years on Council: Inaugural Term
Municipality: Malahide
Office: Deputy Mayor

Tom Marks

Years on Council: 3rd Term
Municipality: Central Elgin
Office: Deputy Mayor/2021 Warden

Dave Mennill

Years on Council: 4th Term
Municipality: Malahide
Office: Mayor/ Elgin County Warden 2011, 2020

Mary French

Years on Council: Inaugural Term
Municipality: Aylmer
Office: Mayor/ 2022 Warden

Sally Martyn

Years on Council: 2nd Term
Municipality: Central Elgin
Office: Mayor

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Duncan McPhail

Years on Council: 13
Municipality: West Elgin
Office: Mayor/Elgin County Warden 2019

Ed Ketchabaw

Years on Council: Inaugural Term
Municipality: Bayham
Office: Mayor

Bob Purcell

Years on Council:
Municipality: 7 Dutton/Dunwich
Office: Mayor/Elgin County Warden 1986 & 1987

Municipal Directory

The Municipality of Bayham has an energy focus on the environment, agriculture, and business services.
The Municipality of Central Elgin is the quintessential rural getaway, with a variety of recreational, leisure and cultural activities.
With its immediate access to Highway 401, the Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich has become attractive for families seeking a “small town” alternative to the busier urban lifestyle.
The Town of Aylmer has become the epicentre of business and commerce for eastern Elgin County.
The Township of Malahide is known for its rich agricultural industry, and is home to the Ontario Police College
The Township of Southwold is a predominantly rural community with a strong agricultural base.
The Municipality of West Elgin is ideally situated for companies interested in proximity to the 401-corridor midway between Windsor and Toronto.