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Oona Out of Order
by Margarita Montimore

A young woman destined to wake up on her birthday to a random year in her life struggles through an out-of-order existence to reconcile her inner youth with the realities of shifting external identities, appearances and period norms.
Genre: Love stories; science fiction
Theme: Time slip
Character: Likeable
Storyline: Non-linear
Tone: Funny; heartwarming
Writing Style: Stylistically complex; witty

Young Adult

by Intisar Khanani

A fantasy retelling of the “Goose Girl” fairy tale follows the experiences of a betrothed princess who is robbed of her identity by a mysterious sorceress before a threat against her betrothed prince compels her to make a dangerous choice. The first in a series!


Genre: Fairy tale and folklore-inspired fiction; fantasy fiction
Storyline: Character driven
Tone: Moving; romantic

Kids Book

Until Niagara Falls
by Jennifer Maruno

Brenda begins opening up to new experiences when she befriends daring, rule-breaking Maureen, but their friendship strains when Maureen makes fun of Harvey, Brenda’s special needs neighbour.


Kids Picture Book

5-Minute Easter Stories
by Disney Book Group

An anthology of 12 Easter-themed stories features entries designed to be read in about five minutes each and stars beloved characters ranging from Winnie-the-Pooh and Cinderella to Minnie Mouse and Thumper. 

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