COVID-19 Update

Dear County of Elgin Homes family members and visitors: We currently do not have known cases of the Coronavirus, COVID-19 in St. Thomas and/or Elgin County.  The County of Elgin … Read more

RNAO BPSO Upcoming Events

34th Annual Geriatric Medicine Refresher DayElgin Homes Presenting: Advancing Evidence Based Culture: Are you ready for the Spotlight?May 6, 2020 (off-site) RNAO BPSO Launch Presentation:  Multi-Site BPSO Discussion Establishing BPSO … Read more

RNAO BPSO Upcoming Events

Elgin Homes RNAO BPSO “Staff Champions” Events Elgin Manor BPSO Staff Breakfast of ChampionsMarch 21, 2020 Bobier Villa BPSO Staff Champions Lunch and LearnApril 1, 2020      

RNAO Best Practice Season Opener

The County of Elgin Homes and Seniors ServicesBest Practice Spotlight Organization Season Opener Kickoff Events Bobier Villa RNAO BPSO EventWednesday, May 22, 20192:00pm – 3:00pmWhitelockRefreshments Provided Elgin Manor RNAO BPSO … Read more

Our offices will be closed on Monday, November 13th. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, November 14th.