Seed Library

A seed library is a community service that allows anyone to take seeds and raise their own flowers or vegetables to maturity before optionally harvesting the mature plant’s seeds to bring back to the library, for the cycle to start anew.

If you have an Elgin County Library card, you can borrow seeds completely free! Seeds are available seasonally and there is usually a limit per family set by each Seed Library to ensure that all community members have a chance at taking seeds home. 

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There are 4 Seed Library locations throughout Elgin County to serve you.

Belmont library



Shedden library


Springfield Library


How to 'borrow' seeds?

Call an Elgin County Library branch with a Seed Library – Belmont, Dutton, Shedden, Springfield – and place your seed order. Unsure if the seeds you want are available? Ask then, too! Then pick up your seeds during the branch’s open hours using your Elgin County Library card. Questions? Please email or call your branch or (519) 631-1460 x 109 for further information.
  1. Borrow! Stop by one of our seed library branches (Belmont, Dutton, Shedden & Springfield) and request an Order Form with our current collection of seeds. Check out up to 6 seed packets per family with your Elgin County Library card for free.
  2. Grow! Plant seeds; learn how to grow; have fun and experiment!
  3. Return! If you’re able to collect and return seeds in the fall we would be so grateful. 

Resources for getting started

Resources coming soon!