Visitor Meals & Services

Visitor Services

A number of visitor services are available at the County of Elgin homes to enhance your visits with your loved ones. Please see our Accommodations and Services Pamphlet for a full listing of services and fees.

Please book Visitor Services through the business office during regular business hours.  

For a list of associated fees and additional services please view our Purchased Services Brochure

Special Event Room Bookings

Please contact the business office at your home to book a dining or recreation room for a special event or family gathering.  A fee may apply for room use.

We ask that special events, where space is requested, are booked in advance.

Special event catering can be provided within the home.  Catering services are provided at market rate.  For more information or to plan a catered event please contact the Manager of Support Services.

Guest Room Accommodations

Bobier Villa and Elgin Manor host a room for individuals requiring overnight accommodation.  The charge for overnight accommodation is inclusive of overnight stay and breakfast meal service.

Please contact the business office for more information or to book this service.

Visitor Meals

Family members and friends of residents wishing to purchase a meal at the home are able to do so.  A fee for each meal is applicable and can be purchased in advance, multiple tickets for meals may be purchased and used as needed. A minimum 2 hour advance notice of meal booking is preferred.  Adult and child meal prices are pre-set and subject to change.

Pre-designated locations in the home will be available for those wishing to enjoy a meal with a friend or family member.

Diners Club

Diners club is offered at Bobier Villa, this service is available to those living in proximity to the home and who would like to participate in an in-house meal program.  Meals are booked in advance and offerred in a pre-designated location within the home.

For more information, please contact:

Bobier Villa
519 762-2417