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Program and Therapy Policies for Review

Program and Therapy Policies and Procedures

DRAFT for Review

Section 11.1New Staff Orientation
Section 11.1ANew Staff Orientation Checklist
Section 11.9Social Hour  
Section 11.10Alcohol (Administration / Nursing)
Section 11.11Continuous Quality Improvement
Section 22.4Special Event Requests
Section 22.4aDietary and Special Event Request Form
Section 66.2Volunteer Recruitment and Retention
Section 66.3Volunteer Resource Management
New Staff Orientation

New Staff Orientation - County of Elgin Homes

Homes Orientations are held at Elgin Manor  Click here for a map

Please note location may be subject to change based on availability

Non Nursing Orientation Hours

8:30am - 12:30pm

Nuring Orientation Hours

8:30am - 4:30pm

Additional Information

Orientation Agenda

Mission, Vision and Values

Resident Bill of Rights

Surge Learning

Surge Learning

To access Surge Learning CLICK HERE