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County of Elgin Homes and Seniors Services

Administration Policies for Review DRAFT

 Section 1 – General Information
1.0 Mission, Vision and Values1.1 Homes Organizational Chart1.2 Fiscal Responsibility
1.3 Mandatory and Critical Incident Reporting1.4 Smoking, Residents, Staff & Visitors1.5 Safety & Security for Residents,
Staff and Visitors
1.6 Key and Fob Access1.9 Education Plan1.10 New Employee Orientation
1.11 Gifts from Residents & Family to Staff1.12 Employee Dress Code1.13 Record Management-Retention and
1.13 A Record Management Retention and Destruction Appendix A schedule1.13 B Record Management Retention and Destruction
Appendix B Records Destruction Notice
1.13 C Record Management Retention and
Appendix C Records Transfer Lists
1.14 Fragrances and Scented Products1.15 Complementary and Alternative Therapy1.16 Health Information Privacy Policy –
Resident Information-Access to Files
1.18 Employee Records1.21 Wander Alert System1.22 Communications – Media and
News Release
1.24 Donations1.25 Pet Visitation.
1.25 A Pet Visitation Pamphlet
1.30 Telephones and-or Electronic Devices-Staff Use1.31 Social Worker Role1.32 Social Work Services – Requirements
1.33 Staffing Plan  
Section 2 – Resident Information
2.1 Residents Bill of Rights2.3 Requests and Concerns2.3a Request -Concerns Response Form
2.6 Orientation of New Resident2.9 Admission and Discharge2.11 Resident Abuse
2.12 Staff Reporting & Whistle Blower Protection2.14 Storage of Resident Belongings2.15 Resident Personal Furniture
2.16 Safekeeping of Valuables2.17 Resident Mail2.18 Transportation – Accompaniment
of Staff
2.30 Private Duty Companions2.11 Resident Abuse 
Section 3 – Health and Safety
3.5 Oxygen Storage3.11 Material Handling & Disposal – General3.14 Mould
3.15 Emergency Codes3.15.04 Code Blue – Medical Emergency3.15.05 Code Orange – External Disaster
3.15.06 Code Green – Evacuation3.15.07 Code Black – Bomb Threat3.15.08 Code Brown – Chemical Spill
3.15.09 Code Purple – Severe Weather3.15.10 Code Grey – Gas Leak3.16 Power Failure
3.17 N-95 Fit Testing3.18 Fire Safety Plan3.19 Code Red – Fire
3.15.01 Code White – Aggressive Person3.15.02 Code Yellow-Missing Resident 
Section 4 – Continuous Quality Improvement
4.1 Continuous Quality Improvement Program4.3 Continuous Quality Improvement Committee4.5 Policy Review
4.8 Annual Program Evaluation  



Program and Therapy Policies for Review DRAFT

 Section 1 – Program and Therapy Services
1.0 Programs and Therapy Statement of Purpose1.1 New Staff Orientation1.2 Orientation to Programs and Therapy
1.3 Professional Development1.4 Program Area Maintenance1.5 Budgetary Management
1.5A Budgetary Management Appendix A1.6 Interdisciplinary Teamwork1.7 Infection Control
1.8 Safe Handling and Serving of Food1.9 Social Hour Program1.10 Alcohol
1.11 Continuous Quality Improvement1.12 Manicures 
Section 2 – Recreation and Leisure Services
2.0 Statement of Purpose Recreation2.1 Assessment and Documentation2.2 Program Development and Delivery
2.2 A Program Protocol Form Appendix A2.2 B Program Development and Delivery Appendix B2.3 Statistical Management
2.4 Special Event Requests2.4a Dietary and Special Event Request Form2.5 Community Out Trips
2.5 A Community Out Trip Form Appendix A  
Section 3 – Spiritual and Religious Care
3.0 Spiritual and Religious Care Program Delivery3.1 Spiritual Care Committee3.2 Memorial Services and Condolences
Section 4 – Hair Care Services
4.0 Hair Care Service Delivery  
Section 5 – Community Services
5.0 Resident Council5.1 Family Council5.2 Auxiliary and Tuck Shop
5.3 Gift Shop5.3 A Daily Record of Sales Appendix A5.3 B Gift Shop Cash Out Appendix B
Section 6 – Volunteer Services
6.0 Volunteer Services Statement of Purpose6.1 Volunteer Orientation6.3 A Volunteer Orientation Package
6.2 Volunteer Recruitment and Retention6.3 Volunteer Resource Management 



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