Budget Committee

The Budget Committee shall:

  • Review and assess budget principles, allocations and related financials, providing advice to the Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Finance on the annual budget; 
  • Receive presentations from each department, as required on financial matters; 
  • Evaluate the budgetary implications of proposals for new and substantially revised programs and services in advance of Council’s budget deliberations. 

Elgin County 2021 Budget

At their meeting on February 9, 2021, Elgin County Councillors approved a $72.4 M operating cost budget and a $39.1 M levy – a $1.8 M increase over 2020.  The levy represents a tax increase of 2.9% on an average property and as an example equating to approximately $61 on a $350,000 home. The 2021 Budget is a financial plan that has been developed to produce the best possible outcomes for Elgin County residents in a way that utilizes tax dollars in a prudent and responsible manner. Careful planning, the use of reserves and leveraging debt have allowed for modest, reasonable tax increases over the next ten years.

Committee Members

Warden Marks (Chair)

Councillor Giguère 

Councillor Ketchabaw

Councillor French

Elgin County 2021 Budget Survey

The Elgin County Budget Committee surveyed members of the public regarding their priorities for the 2021 Elgin County Budget. The results of this survey are linked below.

2021 Budget Process Timeline

The Budget Committee will review and approve the budget process timeline and will review and approve the template and information which will be contained in departmental presentations. 

The Budget Committee will receive presentations from each of the County of Elgin’s core services and provide comment and suggestions.

The Budget Committee will review revisions made to Departmental Budgets based on feedback given at the November 9 meeting. 

The Budget Committee will review and provide feedback on the Consolidated Budget (Operating and Capital).

County Council Reviews the Consolidated Budget as presented by the Budget Committee and provides feedback. 

The Budget Committee reviews the feedback about the Consolidated Budget as provided by County Council and discusses any actionable items. A discussion about tax rate will also occur at this meeting. 

County Council will review the final details of the Operating and Capital Budgets for 2021 and will set proposed tax rates. 

Glossary of Budget Terms

Infrastructure, land, buildings, machinery, equipment and other items that provide long term benefits.

Capital Assets that deliver essential public service to support commercial and residential activities (ie. roads, water and sewage systems). 

The annual plan for the purchase and financing of the County’s operations. It includes salaries, materials and supplies. After all revenues are matched (ie. user fees), the tax levy and reserves are used to balance the budget.

An allocation of accumulated net revenue to set aside funds for future expenditures.

The portion of a capital project that has been paid for by borrowing, either through debentures or borrowing from the County’s own reserves. Over time, the capital fund will be paid down through taxation.

The annual plan for the purchase and financing of Capital Assets.

The gap between what is required to maintain infrastructure and what funding is available. 

The rules for Municipal Financial Statements.

Budget Committee Agendas and Minutes

Committee meetings are also available on our YouTube channel.