Province Lifts HWY 3 Bypass Designation

On Tuesday August 24, at 11:00 a.m., MPP Jeff Yurek announced that the province of Ontario had decided to lift the Eastern Elgin Highway 3 bypass designation, freeing up development land in the Town of Aylmer and the Township of Malahide. The announcement was made at a press conference held at 450 Sunset Drive (County Administration Building). 

Warden Tom Marks provided the following remarks: 

“On behalf of my colleagues on County Council, I would like to thank the Province of Ontario for removing the Eastern Elgin Highway 3 Bypass designation affecting lands in the Town of Aylmer, and the Township of Malahide. I would also like to sincerely thank MPP Jeff Yurek for his advocacy efforts on behalf of Elgin County to make this a reality. Elgin County has advocated for the removal of this designation for several terms of County Council and it is exciting, after so long, to see this designation lifted. Since 1970 this designation has restricted development in affected areas and I am excited to see what economic development opportunities have now been made possible for our area. Elgin County is home to a diverse and vibrant economy, driven by progressive and industrious businesses. The removal of this designation is an important step in allowing our communities to grow and further strengthen the local economy.”

Below in descending order: MPP Jeff Yurek, Warden Tom Marks, Councillor and Mayor of Malahide Township Dave Mennill. 

MP Jeff Yurek at HWY 3 Bypass Press ConferenceWarden Tom Marks at HWY 3 Bypass Press Conference

Dave Mennill at HWY 3 Bypass press conferenceP

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