County Council Highlights - May 28, 2024

Green Light for Guenther Homes: Transformative Development on the Horizon for Malahide

Elgin County Council has approved the Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG) application submitted by Peter Letkeman Guenther Inc. The TIEG is intended to stimulate investment by effectively deferring part of the increase in property taxation due to the significant development of land or buildings. This grant, part of the Elgincentives Community Improvement Plan (CIP), will support the construction of a 38,000-square-foot facility on Hacienda Road in the Township of Malahide. This new development will house six business units for industrial and commercial use, transforming vacant land into a business hub expected to create over 100 new jobs. The TIEG will defer the increase in property taxes for five years, with an estimated deferral of $109,637.43 for the County and a similar impact on the Township of Malahide. This initiative highlights Elgin County’s commitment to fostering economic growth and promoting the region as a business-friendly community.

Revitalizing Roads: Contract Awarded for St. George Street Reconstruction Project

Following careful consideration of tender submissions, Elgin County Council has awarded PV-EX Construction Ltd. the contract for the St. George Street (CR 26) Reconstruction project. With a total price of $3,279,205, the bid comes in under budget, allowing for the timely commencement of construction. This vital infrastructure initiative, part of the 2024 Capital Budget, aims to enhance transportation links in the Municipality of Central Elgin, covering a stretch of 1.1 kilometres from Wellington Road (CR 25) to the Canadian National Railway (CN) spur line.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-June 2024, with substantial completion anticipated by the end of September 2024. Final asphalt paving and minor restoration will be completed in 2025. The County of Elgin expresses our sincere appreciation to the Government of Ontario for their funding assistance through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF). Their ongoing commitment to strengthening communities through investments in critical infrastructure is invaluable, and Elgin County is grateful to be a recipient of their support.

Safeguarding Shores: Elgin County Recognizes Drowning Prevention Week

Elgin County has answered the call for increased water safety awareness by proclaiming July 21-27, 2024, as Drowning Prevention Week, aligning with the Lifesaving Society of Canada’s National Drowning Prevention Week. The proclamation comes in response to correspondence from the Elgin County Drowning Prevention Coalition, highlighting the critical need to address drowning incidents, which claim over 450 lives annually in Canada alone. Led by local advocates Mary Kate Townsend and Briar McCaw, the coalition aims to raise awareness and implement preventive measures to reduce water-related fatalities. Through initiatives such as supervision guidelines, swimming education, and lifejacket use advocacy, the coalition strives to make Elgin County’s waters safer for all residents and visitors.

Enhancing Safety: Kingsmill Corner’s Reduced Speed Zone Adjustment

In response to concerns raised by a local resident, Elgin County Council has approved a minor amendment to the existing 60 km/h reduced speed zone along Ron McNeil Line (CR 52), specifically through the community of Kingsmill Corner. Currently, the speed zone begins west of the intersection at Dorchester Road, within the community. The proposed extension of the zone to the east side of the Dorchester Road intersection aims to encourage drivers to reduce speed before entering the built-up area, promoting safer driving practices. Additionally, a minor revision to the west limits of the speed zone is proposed to encompass all residential properties in the area. The Township of Malahide will oversee the installation of new signage at the County’s expense, with communication efforts extending to the Elgin Detachment of the OPP to ensure awareness and compliance with the revised speed zone. This adjustment reflects the County’s commitment to prioritizing safety and addressing community concerns.

Map of Reduced Speed Zone on Ron McNeil Line

Elgincentives: A Decade of Economic Development

Since its inception in 2015, Elgin County’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP), known as Elgincentives, has been a driving force for economic growth and revitalization. Aimed at encouraging redevelopment activities and attracting private investment, the program has focused on four key areas: downtowns and main streets, agricultural areas, ports and lakeshores, and other significant tourist and recreational facilities.

In 2023, Elgincentives facilitated 16 approved applications, resulting in a total investment of $78,356.38 from the County and $476,351.98 from private investors. While eight applications were denied due to insufficient scores, the program’s overall impact has been substantial.

Looking ahead, a review is recommended to ensure the program’s continued relevance and effectiveness. With the original 10-year term set to expire in 2025, staff are recommending a comprehensive review to determine whether to amend the CIP or develop a new strategy. This proposed review, led by a planning consultant and supported by a $40,000 allocation from the Elgincentives budget, will involve three main phases: project kickoff, CIP diagnostic and needs assessment, and the final report and workshop.

The County acknowledges the program’s success in revitalizing various areas but recognizes the need to adapt to changing circumstances. By conducting this review, Elgin County aims to ensure that the program remains responsive to community needs and continues to foster growth and development across all sectors.

For the complete May 28, 2024 Agenda Package, please visit the following link: County Council Agenda Package

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