July 6, 2021 - Council Highlights

Council Approves Citizen Appointment to Rural Initiatives/Planning Advisory Committee

Council appointed Ms. Donna Lunn as Citizen Appointee on the Rural Initiatives and Planning Advisory Committee to fill a vacancy on the Committee.

As per the Rural Initiatives/Planning Advisory Committee, a Citizen Appointee must be a member of the Elgin Federation of Agriculture (EFA).

Ms. Lunn is a member of the Elgin County agricultural community, a long-time member of the EFA and a dedicated community volunteer. Ms. Lunn’s expertise and intimate knowledge of agriculture in Elgin County will be great assets to the Committee.

Council Approves Amendment to Municipality of Dutton Dunwich Official Plan

Council approved Official Plan Amendment No. 21-01 (5-year review) to the Dutton Dunwich Official Plan.

The purpose of the Amendment was to implement recommendations of the 5-year review of the Dutton Dunwich Official Plan as required by Section 26 of the Planning Act. Proposed modifications include a “Future Development” overlay to signify areas in which the Municipality wishes to grow should settlement expansion be supported through the revised population projections being undertaken at the County, and amendments related to renewable energy approvals. Modifications are explained in more detail in the July 6, 2021 County Council Agenda package.

In accordance with Section 17 of the Planning Act, Elgin County Council is the Approval Authority for changes to Local Municipal Partner Official Plans.

Joseph Street in Port Stanley Gets Lower Speed Limit

Council approved an amendment to By-Law 20-58, lowering the speed on Joseph St. (CR23) to 40km/h.

Staff collected traffic data between June 11-June 18, 2021 and found that during this time, 15% of vehicles travelled in excess of 50km/h. The street’s horizontal geometry was also reviewed during this study and the stopping sight distance on this steep hill corresponded with a speed of 40km/h.

Process to Film in Elgin Streamlined

The Economic Development Coordinator presented a report to Council detailing the new streamlined process for filming production inquiries across the County including feature films, TV series, TV movies, and commercials. The process includes a new online Film Permit Application request form, Letter of Notification, Code of Conduct for cast and crew, and a Release and Indemnity Agreement; detailed in Appendix A. Through enhanced collaboration with Elgin’s municipal partners, this new streamlined filming approval process aims to foster a film experience that will encourage future opportunities, and continue building Elgin County’s reputation as a respected and accommodating filming location.

A dedicated website has also been developed to further streamline the process – www.elgincounty.ca/filming.

Council Supports Cash Flow Needs of SWPH

At its meeting held on July 6, 2021, Council considered a Matter of Urgency related to Southwestern Public Health’s financial needs as a result of costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic and mass vaccination efforts. Council voted to support the cash flow needs of Southwestern Public Health and report back to Council with additional information once it becomes available. Additionally, Council directed the Warden to send a letter to the Ministry of Health in support of Southwestern Public Health, indicating the urgent need for funding to cover these costs. MPP Jeff Yurek will also be copied on this correspondence.

The complete July 6, 2021 County Council Agenda package can be found here.

Victoria Day Closure 2024
Easter Holiday Closure Notice
Family Day Closure Notice
Graphic to indicate holiday closures at Elgin County Facilities. The Elgin County Administration Building, Provincial Offences Administration Building, and Elgin County Heritage Centre will be closed on Friday, December 23rd at noon. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024.