Elgin County Supports Aylmer and Area Business Community

For Immediate Release

Central Elgin, ON – The County of Elgin would like to express its support for the Aylmer and Area business community.

The County of Elgin recognizes how difficult these past eight (8) months have been for our small business community. The challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic have required businesses to adapt their operations in significant ways in very short periods of time. The ingenuity that our businesses have shown in order to rapidly adjust to changing circumstances should be commended.

The County of Elgin would like to thank the hard-working business owners in the Aylmer area and across the County for the efforts they have taken to ensure that they can continue to provide residents with the goods and services they need during this pandemic.

“Aylmer is a small town with a big heart,” said Warden Dave Mennill. “The business community is vibrant and diverse allowing residents to find everything they need in close proximity to home. This availability of goods and services is crucial to the viability of the rural lifestyle. Local business owners are our friends, neighbours and family members and I encourage everyone to support their success.”

The County of Elgin encourages residents to support the small businesses in Aylmer and across the County of Elgin during these challenging times to ensure that Elgin County’s economy remains strong now and into the future.


For additional information, please contact:

Warden Dave Mennill