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Get Involved in the Environmental Advisory Committee

On July 14, 2020, County Council formed an Environmental Advisory Committee. The Committee will provide input, advice and make recommendations on environmental matters affecting the County of Elgin. Members of the Environmental Advisory Committee shall:

  • Provide input and comments on policies, procedures and regulations of the County including any environmental issues impacting the County;
  • The Committee may recommend and advise Council on policies to be developed and offer suggestions for the formulation of environmental policies and comment on policies prepared by staff;
  • Review studies, proposals and other documents referred to the Committee by Council or staff and provide advice regarding their application;
  • Assist Council and staff in identifying research needs and environmental data gaps and formulating a strategy for Council’s consideration.

If you are interested in serving on the Connectivity Committee, please complete and submit the application by August 17, 2020.

2020-2022 Application for Citizen Appointments to Boards and Committees

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