$500 - $1000 Donations

Featured Item

Folding Table

Folding tables for recreational activities or events.
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Often what makes a house a home are the details. The colour of the walls, the decor on the walls etc. Even small items contribute to the atmosphere of a home and that’s what Terrace Lodge is!

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General Donation

Want to donate but not sure what to choose? Choose your amount and have your funds contribute to the project as a whole.

Folding Table

Folding Table - $600 each (18 needed)

Folding tables are used for recreational activities and events at the home.

book case

Chapel Bookcases - $600 each (SOLD!)

Bookcases to hold to reading materials located in the Chapel.

Recreation Room TV

Overnight Suite Television - $600

A television for the overnight suite. A room where resident's loved ones can spend the night in comfort.

Pillows and Quilt

Overnight Suite Bedding - $500

Bedding for the overnight suite. A room where resident loved ones can spend the night in comfort. Sheets, pillows, bed spread, blankets.

outdoor table

Outdoor Tables - $1000 (6 of 7 needed)

Provision of ergonomic outdoor seating which allows for both bench and wheelchair seating with tables.

Gift Shop Table and Chairs

Gift Shop Table and Chairs - $1000

Table and Chairs for use in the Terrace Lodge gift shop where residents and their visitors can shop for gift items and treats.


Stainless Steel Barbecue - $1200 (1 of 2 needed)

This barbecue will allow for residents to be served delicious grilled meals during the summer months.

Bird eating seeds

Bird Seed for a Year - $1200 (Sold)

Bird seed to fill the bird feeders in two (2) bird centres for a year.

bird house with bird

Bird Centre - $1000 (2 of 2 sold)

A large display of bird feeders to attract a variety of different species for viewing by residents and their visitors.

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