Risk Management

Project Description

If you have incurred financial cost for an incident you believe falls under our responsibility, you can make a claim.

However, we strongly urge you to begin by contacting your insurance company or broker. Depending on the type of property damaged, as well as your insurance policy, you may be eligible for greater compensation than you could legally recover from the County or another party.

If you choose to make a claim against the County, please keep in mind that in some situations, you must place the County on notice within 10 days of the incident; and, according to the Municipal Act, we must receive notification in writing.

Please forward your claim to the following address:

Office of the Clerk
Corporation of the County of Elgin
450 Sunset Drive
St. Thomas, ON N5R 5V1

Payment with respect to property damage or bodily injury is contingent upon the County being found legally liable for the incident.

Claims Reporting Process

Your notice of claim must contain the following information:

  • The name, mailing address, email address and telephone number of the person making the claim.
  • The contact name, mailing address, email address and telephone number of the person submitting the claim, if different from above.
  • The date, approximate time and exact location of the incident (address or closest intersection).
  • A brief description of the incident.
  • The type of damage or injury.
  • The name of any contractor involved (if known).

We will acknowledge your claim within one week of receiving the details. An investigation will then begin; you will be advised of the outcome when all relevant facts are determined.

Compensation for your Claim Costs

Fraudulent claims cost taxpayers.  We will prosecute all fraudulent claims to the full extent of the law.

We will only compensate when we are determined to be legally liable for the damage sustained. This approach helps to reduce financial burden for taxpayers, who ultimately bear the costs of these claims.

You may wish to contact your own insurer regarding damages. If the insurer believes we are responsible for your damage, the insurer will seek compensation on your behalf, as stipulated in your insurance policy.

Whenever damage to city property is caused by a third party, our risk management division seeks recovery of the related costs from the responsible party.

My car was damaged on a provincial highway. How can I get reimbursed for my repair costs?

Please fax or mail claim showing the location, date, time and nature of the incident along with other supporting documentation such as estimates, bills etc. to the address/fax below.

Management Board Secretariat Risk Management and Insurance Services
700 University Avenue Sixth Floor
Toronto ON M7A 2S4
Fax: 416.314.3444

Easter Holiday Closure Notice
Family Day Closure Notice
Graphic to indicate holiday closures at Elgin County Facilities. The Elgin County Administration Building, Provincial Offences Administration Building, and Elgin County Heritage Centre will be closed on Friday, December 23rd at noon. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024.