Dispute your Ticket

Option # 2 – Early Resolution – Meet with Prosecutor *

Early resolution meetings are held before a court date to discuss resolution options with the County’s prosecutor. Please note you do not forego your option for a trial.

Early Resolutions meetings are conducted through Zoom Conference, and there is a video or audio (telephone) option. To request an Early Resolution meeting, tickets may be mailed to POA 480 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, ON NSR 0J5 or requested through the website: www.ontario.ca/ticketsandfines.

Option # 3 – Trial *

You will attend your trial and present your evidence before the Justice of the Peace. Please note that resolution discussions will not be held prior to the court appearance.

To file for a trial, please email poa@elgin.ca to request a Notice of Intention to Appear Form.

Presently approved trial matters have resumed. If you have requested a trial, you will be notified by mail of the date, time and method that your trial will take place. Your appearance will be scheduled in person, unless you request the Zoom Conference option.

In order to prepare for your trial you may wish to read the Guide for defendants  in provincial offences matters which can be found at: www.ontariocourts.ca/OCJPOAGuide

* If you FAIL TO ATTEND, you WILL BE deemed not to dispute and may be convicted in your absence, and additional fees may be added.

Our offices will be closed on Monday, November 13th. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, November 14th.