About the CSWB Plan

What is a Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) Plan? 

The CSWB plan, which is required under the Province’s Safer Ontario Act, 2018 will identify priority risk
factors as well as threats to safety and well-being and outline strategies and actions to improve safety
and well-being for our community.

How will the CSWB plan be developed?

By bringing together a number of sectors and engaging our municipal partners and residents, we will
increase our understanding of local risk factors, ensuring those in need of help are receiving the
appropriate response from the providers best suited to support them.

CSWB Timeline and Approval

The first plan must be prepared and adopted by January 1, 2021 and must be publicly available within 30 days of approval. According to the Provincial legislation, each municipal Council is required to approve the Plan and share it with the Province.

Who is involved and how can I get involved?

A consultant has been hired to engage with and receive feedback from residents and stakeholders in
order to develop a CSWB plan that is reflective of the unique features of Elgin’s partner municipalities
and the City of St. Thomas.

The project team would like to hear from all residents and stakeholders. For the planning process to be
successful, residents, organizations, police services and municipalities must work together to identify
issues and recommend strategies for improvement.

Engagement opportunities will be available soon – please check back for details!