This Christmas, give more than a gift. Give a gift that changes lives. Here is our Christmas wish list. Donations do not have to cover the full cost of items. Contribute towards items that will allow residents to attend faith based services and celebrations in the on-site chapel. 

Please note that items for a long-term care home must meet specific standards and features. This means items are often purchased from specialized medical suppliers and costs more than items purchased at regular retailers.

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General Donation

Want to donate but not sure what to choose? Choose your amount and have your funds contribute to the project as a whole.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Panels - $2000 each (2 of 3 needed)

Sunlight reflecting through vibrant glass, casting beams of coloured light throughout the chapel.


Window Coverings - $6000

Retractable window coverings to block light and glare from entering the chapel.

Indoor Stackable Chair

Stacking Chairs - $160 (60 needed)

Comfortable, durable, stackable chairs with arms, to provide flexible seating for indoor events


Wall Screen/Projector - $5,000

Projector and screen for showing videos and virtual services.

sound system

Sound System - $8000

A sound system to amplify music or spoken words in the chapel so they can easily be heard by event/service attendees.


Chapel Podium/Altar - $500

A podium for a speaker to stand behind when making a speech/presentation or conducting a religious service.

book case

Book Cases - $600 each (0 of 2 needed)

Book cases to hold a small library of books to be used by residents and their guests.

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