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Mercury Bobcat

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 131 - Mercury Bobcat
Photograph used in St. Thomas Times-Journal article published February 19, 1973 with caption: "New Canadian-Built Subcompact- Mercury Bobcat, a new subcompact car to be built in Canada and sold exclusively by Ford of Canada's Mercury dealers, will be introduced November 30. The 1974 model car is being assembled at Ford of Canada's St. Thomas Assembly Plant at Talbotville which also produces two other small cars, Pinto and Maverick. The new Bobcat will be available as a two-door sedan, a three-door model and a station wagon. It will have a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine as standard equipment with a new 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine optional. Bobcat gives Ford of Canada six entries in the growing small-car market which accounts for nearly 50 per cent of all car sales in Canada."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 134 - Times-Journal Buys First Mercury Bobcat
Photograph used in St. Thomas Times-Journal article published November 14, 1973 with caption: "Accepts First Bobcat- The first Mercury Bobcat to come off the assembly line of Ford of Canada's St. Thomas plant at Talbotville has been purchased by the St. Thomas Times-Journal. It will be added to a unique collection of 'firsts' which include the Falcon in the rear which was the first car built at the plant on December 18, 1967. Standing from left are George G. Dingman, vice-president and general manager of The Times-Journal, Ford plant manager Gene Pinto, and 'Whitey' Dumouchelle of Talbot Mercury Sales Ltd. in St. Thomas."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 160g - Press Release Photos of Ford Cars Assembled in Canada
Black and white photograph accompanying Ford Motor Company of Canada Limited press releases concerning Ford cars assembled in Canada, retained for reference by St. Thomas Times-Journal: 1980 Mercury Bobcat - press release dated October 1, 1979.

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