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The Elgin County Archives is proud to participate in the Archives of Ontario's Digitization Loan Program, whereby qualifying archival institutions are granted permission to borrow and digitize original Archives of Ontario records and, under license, to publish and host the resulting digital archives online. The Elgin County Archives has now completed a project to digitize and publish online both the Archives of Ontario's Thomas Talbot fonds, F 501, and the Ministry of Natural Resources fonds, RG 1-470.

The Thomas Talbot fonds are a selection of 45 maps, ranging from 1802 to 1832, displaying early settlement grants and dates of occupation in the series of townships where Talbot controlled land allocation. More information may be found alongside the list of maps under the “Thomas Talbot fonds” link.

The Ministry of Natural Resources fonds are a selection of 33 maps, ranging from 1796 to 1844, displaying early surveying efforts in approximately the same area, alongside names of settlers. More information may be found alongside the list of maps under the “Ministry of Natural Resources fonds” link.

The Elgin County Archives’ digitization and online publication of both fonds has been financially supported by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society.

The records digitized and made accessible through this site remain the exclusive property of the Archives of Ontario. Use of these records is for research and private study only. The Contact link provides contact information for both the Elgin County Archives and the Archives of Ontario.