$250 - $500 Donations

Featured Item

Outdoor Bench

A comfortable place to take a seat and enjoy nice weather or a visit with a loved one.
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General Donation

Want to donate but not sure what to choose? Choose your amount and have your funds contribute to the project as a whole.

Light Bulb

Outdoor Solar Lighting - $330 each (5 of 8 needed)

These lights will be used by visitors, residents and staff to light up the gardens and pathways of the grounds at night.

Abbey System Annual Support - $395

Tech support fees for the Abbey System - An interactive system that allows residents to engage in a pre-programmed, personalized technology experiences including, travel, games and videos.

Abbey System Subscription - $285 (30 needed)

Resident subscriptions for the Abbey System - An interactive system that allows residents to engage in a pre-programmed personalized technology experience.

clothing rack

Wardrobe Nook Clothing Rack - $300

A Nook dedicated to the appreciation of fashion through the past century, including a wardrobe, fashion magazines and fashion photos and art for resident enjoyment and recreation.

Seniors on Bench

Outdoor Benches - $300 each (14 needed)

A comfortable place for residents and their visitors to site and enjoy the outdoors.

Folding Chairs

Indoor Stacking Chairs - $300 each (80 needed)

Stacking chairs for the main event space and activity rooms.


Annual Technology Package - $500 (2 needed)

Subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, Spotify and Prime Video for residents and visitors to enjoy in the lobby and activity rooms.

book case

Library Nook Bookcase - $500

A place to hold the selection of rotating books in the library nook.