$1000+ Donations

Featured Item

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces create a warm and inviting atmosphere allowing residents and their visitors to relax.
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Make a partial contribution to one of the following large items or donate the entire item. These larger items are perfect donations for groups of individuals or organizations. 

Photos are for illustrative purposes only and actual items may not be exactly as shown.  

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General Donation

Want to donate but not sure what to choose? Choose your amount and have your funds contribute to the project as a whole.

Stained Glass

Chapel Stained Glass - $2000

Sunlight reflecting through vibrant glass, casting beams of coloured light throughout the chapel.

Dining Set - $5000 each

A place to gather for good food and good conversation.

Lounge Chair

Lounge Chairs - $1000 Each (8 needed)

Enjoy a comfortable spot to sit in the lounge area.


Lounge Love Seat - $2500 Each (2 needed)

Snuggle up close to a friend or relative on this cozy love seat located in the lounge.


Water Feature -$2000

There is nothing more calming than the sound of running water in nature.


Gazebo - $10,000 (1 of 2 needed)

Enjoy the gardens in a comfortable location away from the elements. Sit and chat with family and friends or enjoy some quiet reflection.

Abbey System

Abbey System - $6885 Each (6 needed)

An interactive system that allows residents to engage in a pre-programmed personalized technology experience including, travel, games and videos.


Electric Fireplace - $1000 each (2 needed)

Residents and their visitors will enjoy the warmth and glow of these fireplaces in the dining room, lobby and lounge areas.

Lobby Furniture

Lobby Furniture - $10,000

Various furnishings for the lobby area where residents and their guests can gather and relax.