$25 - $250 Donations

Featured Item

Can of Paint for Chapel

Worship in the Chapel is an important part of our residents' lives. It is important that the atmosphere is calm and reflective.
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Often what makes a house a home are the details. The colour of the walls, the paintings hung with care. Even small contributions add up.  Even the smallest of donations will contribute to an atmosphere that is both calm and welcoming to both residents and their families. 

Please be aware that photos below are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the exact item which will be purchased. 

hands holding heart

General Donation

Want to donate but not sure what to choose? Choose your amount and have your funds contribute to the project as a whole.

Box of Photos

Resident Keepsake Box - $25 each (100 needed)

Provide each memory care area resident with a personalized treasury of items of importance to them.


Can of Paint - $50 each (216 needed)

Colour the walls of Terrace Lodge with shades that support resident happiness and well-being.

Outdoor Stackable Chair - $100 (60 needed)

A comfortable place to sit during outdoor programming or visits with loved ones.

digital clock

Overnight Suite Clock Radio - $100

Provide family members staying on-site with the comforts of home.

Recreation White Boards - $200 (4 needed)

These white boards are used in fun recreational programming for our residents.

Beauty Nook Desk

Beauty Nook Desk - $150

A nook dedicated to the theme of beauty which allows residents an area to explore and relax.

Beauty Nook Supplies -$100

Supplies which enhance the beauty nook which offer a safe personalized experience for residents.


CD Player - $50

For use by residents and their families and during music related recreational programming.

Chair and flower planters

Medium Garden Ornaments - $75 each (7 of 12 needed)

Garden ornaments provide an interesting and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of home for our residents as they enjoy the outdoors.