Hamlet of Richmond Reconstruction

Project Description

The County of Elgin, in partnership with the Municipality of Bayham, is undertaking the reconstruction of Heritage Line (County Road 38) and Richmond Road (County Road 43) within the Hamlet of Richmond settlement limits.

The project will include the replacement of storm sewers and road structure replacement complete with curbs, asphalt and concrete sidewalk extension on Richmond Road.  The road will be returned to base course asphalt in 2022, and the final surface course of asphalt will be placed in Spring 2023. 

Construction Phasing

The Hamlet of Richmond Reconstruction project will be completed in two phases, with Phase 1 being completed in its entirety prior to construction commencing on Phase 2. Phase 1 is Heritage Line within the Hamlet limits and a portion of Richmond Road, this will allow for through traffic to return to Heritage while Phase 2 Richmond Road is completed. For an overview of the project and a visual representation of the phasing, please use the link below to open the Project Overview Plan.

Construction Schedule

  • Project Design and Engineering – Completed
  • Project Tendering – Completed
  • Construction: – On-Going
  • Estimated Completion: Summer 2022* (Final Asphalt placement in Spring 2023)

* Please note that the timelines are approximate and will vary depending on weather and other factors.

Construction Detour

A tailored construction detour for each phase will be in place throughout the duration of the project.  During construction, sections of the roads will need to be closed to vehicular through traffic to complete the work safely, and in a timely manner, however, pedestrian access will be provided to the extent possible.

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