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Building a Ford Falcon



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Acessible online:

November 18, 1983 Local 1520 News Headline (PDF)
made available by Elgin County Archives

2001 Grand Marquis Brochure (PDF)
made available by Elgin County Archives

CAW Local 1520 Website

Only accessible in person at Elgin County Archives:

Newspaper Clippings:

News Releases:

Township of Southwold: Talbotville Ford Assembly Plant Closure: Economic Impact and Local Action Plan. October 12, 2011 (2 volumes) - ECVF Box 144, File 1

Wilkinson, Marilyn E. CAW Local 1520: 35 Proud Years, 1968-2003. St. Thomas: CAW Local 1520, 2003. Print.

Wilkinson, Marilyn E. Local 1520: A History of the U.A.W. at the St. Thomas Assembly Plant, 1968-1984. St. Thomas: UAW Local 1520, 1984. Print.

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