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Building a Ford Falcon



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Building a Ford Falcon


Photographs taken for St. Thomas Times-Journal article published June 5, 1968 (p. 6-F) with captions:

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42a
"Starting Point. The creation of a Falcon actually begins with a decision to buy, such as is being made by this young couple."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42d
"The building of a Falcon begins on a 9-station 'merry-go-round' where components such as the radiator support, pictured, are welded into a sub-assembly."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42e
"With regularity and precision, the various underbody parts are brought together for assembly in a large welder."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42f
"The completed underbody assembly is then bolted to two 'I' beam skids that will support it during the remaining production line operations."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42g
"This Ford plant worker is removing a side assembly from the underbody prior to the unit entering the framing fixture."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42h
"In this picture, Falcon side assemblies are being guided into the framing fixture and for the first time, familiar Falcon lines are apparent."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42i
"Here the body sub-assembly is being re-matched with its underbody having passed through the first stage framing fixture. The framing fixtures are of a unique two-stage design specially created for this operation."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42j
"Held securely by large suction cups, the roof panel assembly is lowered into position on the car body. It is now ready for welding. The body is then complete except for doors and deck lids."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42k
"This operator is putting the Falcon's doors in position, using a special fixture that automatically sets the gap between the body and the door while the hinges are being attached."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42l
"Special racks on the front of the unit carry the fenders as the whole assembly makes its journey to and through the paint shop. Here a worker attaches a left fender."

C8 Sh4 B2 F1 42m
"Using power driven tools, a Ford worker attaches the deck lid- the trunk lid that is- to the Falcon body. The assembly is now ready for the paint department."

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