May 12, 2020 County Council Highlights

Robertshaw Moncrief Veterinary Professional Corporation

Robertshaw Moncrief Veterinary Professional Corporation will receive an Elgincentives Tax Increment Equivalent Grant for 100% of the County’s portion of incremental taxes for a five-year period commencing on completion of construction.  The Elgincentives program encourages the expansion of business activity in Elgin County and is aimed at reducing the number of vacant industrial/employment building spaces and encourages the infill and redevelopment of vacant employment lands.

Green Lane Landfill Road User Agreement and Reduced Speed Zone

Green Lane Landfill operates three road crossings where landfill construction vehicles cross County Road 18. These crossings are controlled by traffic control persons during their operation. In order to support these movements, all three crossings will now have a reduced speed of 60km/h.  Council approved a reduction in speed zones for these areas on Southdel Drive (County Road 18) and approved a Road User Agreement with the City of Toronto and CRA Landfill Operations.

COVID-19 Updates

The Action Plan to support County Council’s Strategic Plan was updated to indicate progress to date and impacts on the proposed timelines as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The County continues to offer essential services and staff are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely as they prepare to resume services to align with the Province’s plans to re-open the economy.

Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology Inc.

Council agreed to provide a guarantee on a loan required by SWIFT as they prepare to undertake work in Elgin County.  This short-term bridge financing will be used to finance the SWIFT project in Elgin until the Provincial and Federal Governments reimburse SWIFT.  Connectivity challenges in Elgin County remains a top priority for Elgin County Council.  A report detailing the challenges associated with our community’s lack of reliable, affordable high-speed internet, along with recommended next steps will be presented to Elgin County Council at its meeting on May 26, 2020.

Fire Training Officer/County Emergency Management Coordinator

Council authorized the execution of a cost sharing agreement for the Fire Training Officer/County Emergency Management Coordinator.  This position was created in 2019 as a fire training and emergency management resource for Elgin’s partner municipalities and it fills a critical within the County’s emergency management program.  The Municipality of Bayham, Township of Malahide, Township of Southwold, Municipality of Dutton Dunwich and Municipality of West Elgin have agreed to utilize this resource and will soon begin working with the Fire Training Officer.  Costs and expenses for the fire training portion of this role will be included in the annual level by Elgin to our municipal partners.

The complete May 12, 2020 County Council Agenda package can be found here.