January 14, 2020 County Council Highlights

Elgin Unifor 302 delegates to Council

Shaun Taylor and Tyler McLellan of Elgin Unifor 302 spoke to members of Elgin County Council January 14 to detail their group’s concerns regarding Elgin-St. Thomas’ Emergency Medical Services levels. Elgin County CAO Julie Gonyou will follow-up with a report to Elgin County Councillors at the January 28 meeting that details current Emergency Medical Services levels using metrics-based statistics.

Natural Heritage System Study update

Elgin County’s Manager of Planning Steve Evans presented the Elgin County Natural Heritage System Study 2019 (June 5th draft) to be used as a background document for Elgin County’s Official Plan 5-year Review. Julie Gonyou, Elgin County CAO, will follow up with a report that summarizes Council’s feedback to determine whether further review is needed from the Rural Initiatives/Planning Advisory Committee.

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan moves forward with assistance of a consultant

A recent Request For Proposal issued by Elgin County to assist with the development of a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (required by the Police Services Act), has been awarded to Mischevious Cat Productions Inc. in the amount of $34,500 (excluding HST). The plan is a collaborative effort that will support the County of Elgin and the City of St. Thomas, as each municipality is required to have a complete plan by December 31, 2020. Broader community feedback on the plan will be sought at a future date.

Town Crier services available on request

Local Town Crier David Phillips ended a busy 2019 with the reading of a proclamation at former Warden Duncan McPhail’s banquet at the CASO Station in St. Thomas. Travelling across the County, Phillips attended numerous events including Edisonfest in Bayham, Rosy Rhubarb in Shedden, the Backus-Page House Museum in Wallacetown, and his 30th anniversary as Town Crier in Dutton-Dunwich. This year Phillips and his wife Jenny hope to travel and take in the Ontario Guild of Town Criers competition.

The complete January 14, 2020 County Council Agenda package can be found here.