Elgin County Council Elects 2020 Warden

December 10, 2019

For Immediate Release – Mennill new Elgin County Warden

CENTRAL ELGIN – There will be a new face presiding over Elgin County Council in 2020.  Dave Mennill, Mayor of the Township of Malahide, was elected Warden of Elgin County at a session of County Council tonight.

Mennill was selected in his bid for the one-year position over Tom Marks, Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Central Elgin.  Mennill previously served as Warden in 2011.

In his inaugural address, Mennill spoke of the importance of the role of Warden.  “It is humbling to be selected for this position of leadership and it is a pleasure and privilege to lead County Council … Elgin County is in an excellent position thanks to the hard work of Council and staff.  I am keen to keep the momentum going” Mennill said.

 “Elgin County Council faces some serious challenges, not only for 2020 but for many years ahead,” he said, “we are faced with a multitude of changes coming from other levels of government and other global forces and we will have to continue to prioritize fiscal responsibility, prudent infrastructure investment and mandatory service delivery”. 

Mennill also stressed that there are a number of exciting opportunities that exist in Elgin, “our new Strategic Plan will guide our work with staff and the community as we face these challenges and work collectively to develop innovative, efficient and forward-thinking ways to transform our services… there’s no question that in the next three years, we’re in for some exciting times”. 

Immediate past Warden Duncan McPhail, Mayor of the Municipality of West Elgin, will serve as the 2020 Deputy Warden.  After a busy year serving as 2019 Warden, Duncan McPhail was pleased to hand over the chain of office to Mennill, “he always puts the best interests of the community first and is a man who will work towards consensus,” McPhail stated. 

Mennill and his wife, Judy, have been residents of Malahide Township for over 50 years; he is a semi-retired farmer and is proud to have served on the Malahide Fire Department for 32 years, the final years a Fire Chief.  His community involvement includes working with the Corner Cupboard, Christmas Care and he serves as a member of the Knights of Columbus. 

The first meeting of Council under Mennill’s guidance will be the final meeting of the year, Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 9:00 am. The Warden sits on a number of boards and represents the County at community events and in meetings with the provincial and federal governments. 

Elgin County has 500 employees and spends approximately $75 million a year on a long list of services including, but not limited to, county roads, libraries and other cultural services, three long-term care homes, provincial offences court, land ambulance and land use planning.  Elgin County Council is made up of representatives from the seven-member municipalities within the County’s boundaries.