October 8, 2019 County Council Highlights

Director of Community and Cultural Services – Award Recipient

Brian Masschaele, Elgin County’s Director of Community and Cultural Services, was recently awarded the Federation of Women’s Institutes of Canada Erland Lee Award. This award recognizes Brian’s ongoing support and contributions to local, provincial and national Women’s Institute initiatives.

Erland Lee Presentation

Provincial Policy Statement Review

The Manager of Planning presented a report detailing the Provincial Government’s proposed policy changes to the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). Changes to the PPS reflect Ontario’s shifting needs across five (5) key areas: 1) increasing housing supply and mix; 2) protecting the environment and public safety; 3) reducing barriers and costs; 4) supporting rural, northern and Indigenous communities; and 5) supporting certainty and economic growth.

Port Bruce Bridge Replacement – Final Report:
Environmental Assessment

A Municipal Class Environmental Assessment is a five (5) phase study that identifies potential positive and negative effects of
projects. This process includes an extensive evaluation of impacts on the natural and social environment, which includes the impacts to plants and animals, soils, traffic patterns, and to residents and businesses in the community. County Council endorsed the Imperial Road Port Bruce Bridge Replacement Schedule B Municipal Class Environmental Assessment.

The complete October 8, 2019 County Council Agenda package can be found here.