June 11, 2019 County Council Highlights

Elgin County Archives Receives Award

The Elgin County Archives was recently awarded the Archives Association of Ontario’s (AAO) Institutional Award for 2019 in recognition of the archives’ innovation in launching the Time Travel with Elgin County Archives program. This program was developed by County Archivists Gina Dewaele and Amber Mandich. It uses green screen technology to photograph participants and superimpose them into historic photographs to make it appear as if the participants are travelling back in time in local history. Elgin County is one of three institutions in Ontario to receive this award twice, demonstrating that the Elgin County Archives are leaders among peers in the province. The AAO award announcement can be viewed here.

Terrace Lodge Redevelopment Project Construction Manager

County Council awarded the contract for Construction Management Services for the redevelopment of Terrace Lodge to D. Grant Construction Limited in the amount of $3,474,337 (excluding HST). The Construction Manager’s role in this project is to provide pre-construction advisory services in coordination with the project architect from MMMC Architects. During construction, the Construction Manager is responsible for engaging all trade contractors as subcontractors and is responsible for performance and all coordination. The staff report and Request for Proposal results can be found in the June 11, 2019 agenda package.

Chatham Street Road Settlement Stabilization

Through routine monitoring, County Engineering Services and Municipality of Bayham staff have identified that further road settlement has occurred on Chatham Street in Port Burwell and requires immediate repair. County Council approved bringing forward $1,000,000 from the 10-Year Capital Budget to complete the required repair. For more details, please click here.

Port Bruce Bridge Archaeological Assessment

The County has retained K. Smart Associates Limited Consulting Engineers and Planners to provide complete project engineering services for the Port Bruce Bridge Replacement. As part of their scope of services, K. Smart Associates are required to undertake the required municipal class environmental assessment, which includes an archaeological assessment of the site. The Port Bruce Bridge replacement project may have the potential to affect Aboriginal or treaty rights protected under section 35 of Canada’s Constitutional Act 1982. Field assessment work was completed on May 31, 2019 and five locations containing both Pre-contact Aboriginal material as well as Euro-Canadian historic artifacts were identified. Due to the quantity of artifacts recovered, further site assessment is required. For more information, please click here.

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Changes to the Police Services Act will require each municipality in Ontario to complete a Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWB). County Council and the Elgin Group Police Services Board have consented to work together with the City of St. Thomas to develop a joint CSWB.

Terrace Lodge Redevelopment Fundraising Committee

In 2016, a Fundraising Team was established in support of the Terrace Lodge Redevelopment Project, and included community representatives and one (1) member from each of the East Elgin municipalities (Municipality of Central Elgin, Municipality of Bayham, Township of Malahide, and Town of Aylmer). The goals of the Fundraising Team were to raise funds for value added components that would result in making Terrace Lodge feel more like a home and less like an institution. The Fundraising Team met several times over the last two years but suspended activities until concrete steps for the project were established. In January 2019, County Council consented to a redevelopment and addition to the existing Terrace Lodge Long Term Care Home. With the detailed design for the redevelopment and addition now well underway, it is important to reestablish the committee and continue the great progress already achieved by the Team. County Council approved clear Terms of Reference for the renamed Terrace Lodge Redevelopment Fundraising Committee and is requesting that new members be appointed from the Councils of the East Elgin Municipalities and continued participation of the Community Representatives who have previously served on the Fundraising Team.

Contemplating Child Care at Terrace Lodge

Through the Terrace Lodge (TL) Redevelopment consultation process, some staff have expressed an interest in having Child Care Services available onsite at Terrace Lodge. The Terrace Lodge Redevelopment Steering Committee has supported exploring the possibility of including Child Care Services as part of the preliminary design. County Council will continue to consider the implementation of child care at Terrace Lodge as part of the ongoing redevelopment project.

The complete June 11, 2019 County Council Agenda package can be found here.