May 7, 2019 County Council Highlights

Elgin County Library Mission, Vision, and Key Pillars of Service

Elgin County is well served through ten branch libraries that not only provide access to collections in all formats, but also offer free access to technology, programs, and services. Council first approved a mission, vision, and key directions to guide the services of the Elgin County Library in 2013. Following extensive public and staff consultation, County Council has refined these principles to guide library services well into the future.

Our Mission: Elgin County Library provides a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment that fosters lifelong learning, creative expression, community engagement, and cultural vitality in harmony with a rural way of life.

Our Vision: Elgin County Library will enhance the quality of life in Elgin County by providing spaces, collections, services, and staff to meet the community’s changing needs.

5 Pillars

Inclusive Spaces: We provide and champion friendly, innovative, flexible, and accessible spaces that reflect our community needs.

Lifelong Learning: We support lifelong learning and intellectual freedom through the free access to diverse collections, programs, and technology.

Creative & Cultural Vitality: We support access to our cultural heritage through collaboration and programming with galleries, museums, archives, and cultural organizations.

Community Engagement: We empower our welcoming staff to connect to our community and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships.

Governance: We facilitate effective governance by Elgin County Council and our municipal partners in alignment with the County’s strategic goals.

Elgincentives Vision and Implementation Guidelines

Elgin County’s Elgincentives Community Improvement Program (CIP) is part of a County-wide framework for community improvement planning which sets our tools and strategies for improving the economic, built, and social environment in a uniform manner across the County.

In 2017, Elgin County initiated a review and update of all of Elgin’s partner municipal CIP documents to determine where and how incentives could be made available to industrial and employment lands to further support the economic goals and objectives of the County. An amendment to the Elgincentives CIP was initiated in 2017, which permits the application of incentive programs to industrial and employment land uses, as well as the addition of financial incentive programs for the development of any previously developed lands that are not currently in use has been endorsed by County Council.

The amended CIP allows industrial zoned property owners to apply for the existing incentive programs and is included in the existing budget for the program.

To find out more information, please click here to access the Elgincentives Report.

Port Bruce – Parking Regulation and Enforcement Review

Since the opening of the temporary panel bridge in Port Bruce in August 2018, several concerns associated with non-compliance of existing prohibited on-street parking have been expressed by several community residents and local business owners. County Council approved a plan to re-establish limited public on-street parking and consented to hiring a contracted parking by-law enforcement officer to ensure compliance. Parking regulations have been implemented to provide safe streets and better traffic flow on select roads. The locations and limits of such prohibited on-street parking are illustrated here.

Catfish Creek Conservation Authority – Request for Reduced Speed on Springwater Road

Staff completed an engineering assessment of the relevant portion of Springwater Road in the vicinity of Catfish Creek Conservation Authority to determine if this section of road qualifies to be established as a Community Safety Zone with a reduced speed limit. The results of the assessment can be found here. While the engineering review of this area indicated that the area does not automatically qualify to be established as a Community Safety Zone, County Council approved the establishment of a Community Safety Zone and a reduced posted speed limit of 60km/hr on Springwater Road (County Road #35) from the south limit of Conservation Line to a point 300 metres south of Southdale Line.

Elgin County Transit Feasibility Study Funding Application – Unsuccessful

The lack of available public transportation services for rural and small communities in Elgin is having a significant impact on our ability to grow, attract new works, and on our ability to be proactive partners in reducing gas emissions. Recognizing that there is no “one size fits all” transit solution for all of Elgin County, Council submitted an application for a Transportation Service Design Feasibility Study/Implementation Plan grant funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Rural Programs Branch. The County was not successful in achieving this funding. Transit remains a priority for County Council.

The complete May 7, 2019 County Council Agenda package can be found here.