County Council Highlights – January 22 & February 12, 2019

2019 Capital Budget

The Director of Engineering Services presented the Capital Budget to Council to provide updates on projects, capital costs, and an overview of the road construction and rehabilitation process. The 2019 plan will include $155 million in investments – up from the $153 million in 2018.

Farm Tax Ratio

The Elgin County Federation of Agriculture requested a reduction in the farm tax ratio from 25% to 23%. The Director of Financial Services presented a report to Council detailing the monetary difference should Council approve the decrease to 0.23 in the farm tax ratio. If approved, the tax on an average farm would be $400 less than it would be under the 0.25 ratio, whereas residential properties would see an incremental $30 increase.

Council directed staff to provide additional information at the February 12, 2019 meeting.

Satellite Offices – Elgin Business Resource Centre

As part of their commitment to a critical analysis of all discretionary program areas, Council approved to withdraw supplementary funding provided to the Federal Government for the enhancement of services provided by the Elgin Business Resource Centre.

For more information, please refer to the press release at

Land Division Committee Appointments

Council approved the appointments of the Elgin County Land Division Committee for the term January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2022. The following individuals were appointed: John Seldon (Bayham); Rosemary Kennedy (Malahide); Kathleen Schaper (Aylmer); Dennis O’Grady (Central Elgin); John Andrew (Southwold); John R. “Ian” Fleck (Dutton Dunwich); Dugald Aldred (West Elgin).

2019 Operating and Capital Budgets

Elgin County Council approved the operating and capital budget for 2019, which include a 0.7% increase in the tax rate and a 0.23% farm tax ratio. Visit for more details.

Council reiterated their commitment to improving the prosperity and quality of life in the community over the next ten years with such projects as the POA Courthouse facility, the redevelopment of Terrace Lodge Long Term Care facility, cultivating the economic outlook for the County, and continuing to rehabilitate county roads as needed.

Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy

Council approved a Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy that focuses on the protection and enhancement of tree canopy and natural vegetation which aligns with the Woodlands Conservation By-law 15-03 and the County’s Official Plan.

Port Bruce Bridge Replacement – Request for Proposal

Through the process of the Quality Based Selection Process, K. Smart Associates Limited Consulting Engineers and Planners have been selected to complete the environmental assessment, preliminary and detailed designs, tendering and contract administration components for the Port Bruce Bridge.

Draft Approval for a Vacant Land Condominium

Council permitted a grant draft plan approval to Robin Ridge Estates Ltd. to draft plans of a vacant land condominium in the Municipality of Central Elgin (Belmont).

The Manager of Planning is satisfied the plan of condominium has had regard to subdivision criteria as set out Section 51(24) of the Planning Act, and having reviewed the conditions, the Municipality of Central Elgin requested no changes to said conditions.

The Elgin County Council Agenda Packages for the January 22, 2019 and February 12, 2019 meetings can be found on the Elgin County website.