The 25 Most Borrowed Books in 2018

NumberBook CoverTitleAuthor
1The Midnight LineChild, Lee
2The Rooster BarGrisham, John
3End GameBaldacci, David
4 The Woman in the WindowFinn, A. J.
5Glass HousesPenny, Louise
6The Great AloneHannah, Kristin
7Come SundownRoberts, Nora
8Dog ManPilkey, Dav
9Year OneRoberts, Nora
10Seeing RedBrown, Sandra
11Before we were yours : a novelWingate, Lisa
12The People vs. Alex CrossPatterson, James
13Hardcore Twenty-FourEvanovich, Janet
14After AnnaScottoline, Lisa
15Pete the Cat’s Train TripDean, James
16Y is for YesterdayGrafton, Sue
17Two Kinds of TruthConnelly, Michael
18Fifty FiftyPatterson, James
19The 17th SuspectPatterson, James
20Camino IslandGrisham, John
21Fairytale : a novelSteel, Danielle
22The FallenBaldacci, David
23The Mystery in VeniceStilton, Geronimo
24The NightingaleHannah, Kristin
25Still MeMoyes, Jojo