Council Decision on Community Futures Development Corporation Funding

January 22, 2019

For immediate release

CENTRAL ELGIN – At the Elgin County Council meeting today, County Council determined that they would cease providing additional funding in the amount of $570,000 for the federal Community Futures program. County Council determined that this Government of Canada service must be delivered within the confines of the federal funding envelope without the additional support of County tax dollars.

Since 2012, Elgin County has provided discretionary funding to enhance this program in the amount of $1.2M. This funding was utilized to create satellite office locations in Aylmer and Dutton as a supplement to the main office that is located in the City of St. Thomas. A multi-location program is not being supplemented by any other County in Southwestern Ontario.

“Funding programs for other levels of government with county tax dollars is simply not a sustainable model for county government” said Warden McPhail, reinforcing that “this federal program would benefit from a review of its service delivery model including ways to enhance service without having the costs associated with operating multiple office locations”.

Economic development is very important in Elgin County. Elgin County supports the business community with a number of County programs and services while balancing the need to keep our taxes affordable.

Councillor Purcell commented “It is a slippery slope to fund services for other levels of government. Of course, all public services would benefit from additional funding. However, we must focus county tax dollars on county services we are required to deliver.”

The County’s costs to provide mandated services in the areas of Long Term Care, Emergency Medical Services and critical infrastructure are on the rise and available funding is declining requiring County Council to carefully review all requests for discretionary funding.

For additional information, please contact:

Warden Duncan McPhail