Elgin County Council Highlights – December 13, 2018

2019 Council Meeting Schedule and Committee Appointments

Elgin County Council has passed a motion to set the schedule for the 2019 County Council Meetings. The Warden has also appointed members of Council to committees for the upcoming year.

Elgincentives 2018 Year End Review

From January to November 2018, the program was able to accept 39 applications with every partnering municipality participating. These applications resulted in $240,724 of total investment from the County which resulted in private investment of $837,820. Elgincentives will receive an additional $80,000 for the budget from the removal of the vacancy tax rebate. With $150,000 requested for the upcoming year, and $42,371 from leftover funding, this will allow for $272,341 in the budget for 2019 pending Council’s approval.. The Elgincentives program continues to grow, improving downtowns, waterfronts, agricultural and tourism areas.

Elgin County Museum 2018 Annual Report

The Manager of Museum and Archives came to Council to share some of the successes that the Elgin County Museum achieved over the past year. The museum saw a total of 3578 visitors as of November 30, which was a vast improvement from the best year on the fourth floor of the County Administration Building of 1838. Social Media pages are also up by 40 percent suggesting growth in interest as well. With a new policy approved by Council earlier in 2018, the gift shop was able to take on consignments from the Elgin Tourist Association. By doing so, the shop was able to make profit of $1656.36 as compared to $179.52 in all of 2017.

Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement – Contract Extension

County Council has passed a motion that the County enter into an agreement with Guild Electric Limited to service all traffic control devices from 2019 to 2021. The total estimated cost for routine inspections, conflict monitoring, and service calls is approximately $35,000 for Elgin County. The annual increase in pricing will be approximately 1.5% year which is favourable pricing based on staff’s research. Guild has provided excellent services for the County in the past, and both Council and Staff are happy to see this contract extension.

Terrace Lodge Redevelopment Overview

An overview of the Terrace Lodge Redevelopment project was presented to the new Council to catch them up to speed on the latest developments. The CAO and Director of Homes & Services highlighted the different positives and negatives surrounding an entirely new build versus renovations to the existing structure. With the help of Ventin Group, a third party consulting firm, all information was meticulously detailed to help Council make a decision in the future. Council was very excited about this project and are enthusiastic about the next steps. Council will receive another presentation on January 8.

County Fire Training Officer/Community Emergency Management Coordinator Position

Council passed a resolution to consider the hiring of a brand new position at Elgin County. The position would focus on fire and emergency training that will help ensure safety is a top priority. The position would work closely with all the local municipalities and act as their coordinator for the position as well.

The Elgin County Council Agenda Package for the December 13, 2018 meeting can be found on the Elgin County website.