County Council Highlights - Sept. 25, 2018

Council Addresses Speed Concerns on Centennial

In response to resident concerns regarding the operating speeds of vehicles on the south portion of Centennial Avenue, speed reviews of the area were conducted by both the County of Elgin and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO).

The intersection of Centennial Avenue and Highway 3/Talbot Line is under the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario who also controls the speed limits of the north and east legs of the intersection. Centennial Avenue south of Highway 3 is currently posted at 50 km/h and is under the jurisdiction of Elgin County.

The province will be posting a “50km/h Ahead” sign on its portion of the road to notify motorists of the speed change after the intersection.

Additionally they will reduce the speed along Centennial Avenue between the St. Thomas Expressway and Talbot Line from 80 km/h to 70 km/h which will help motorists slow to the posted 50km/h when they cross over to the southern portion of the road. Elgin County will add a “Begin” tab to the first 50km/h speed sign south of the intersection to further alert motorists to the reduction in speed. These changes will help to control speeds on this portion of road making it safer for motorists and residents alike.

No-Parking Zone on Whittaker Road

In response to a request from the Township of Malahide, Elgin County Council adopted an amendment to By-Law No. EG1 (16-11) a “By-law for the Regulation of Traffic”. This By-law designates a “no parking” zone along the east side of Whittaker Road (County Road #49) from Malahide Community Place, northerly to the Springfield Baptist Church. This change is intended to discourage parking and pedestrian movement across the road and encourage patrons to utilize existing parking facilities. The By-law will come into effect when signage has been installed.

Accessibility Update

Elgin County’s Accessibility Coordinator presented an update on Elgin’s accessibility successes and on compliance actions Elgin has taken in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) (O.Reg 191/11).

Highlights included:

  • Completed Accessibility Directorate of Ontario File Review audit in April 201
  • Completed Accessibility Directorate of Ontario File Review audit in April 2018 stating full compliance. Audit included accessibility policies and procedures, training requirements, accessible formats and communication supports and feedback processes.
  • Assisting partner municipalities with their consultation requirements on recreational trails as per IASR requirements.
  • New Provincial Offences Administration building consultation on accessible design both interior and exterior.
  • Draft Web Content Accessibility Guidelines created.
  • County of Elgin representation on the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association (OBIAA) Accessibility for Main Streets Advisory Committee.
  • Reviewed local municipal partners’ 2018 Municipal Elections Accessibility Plans.
  • Continued engagement and consultation with the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee with local municipal partner Central Elgin.

Update of Council Policies and Procedures

Elgin County Council is undertaking a comprehensive review of its Procedural By-Law and Council Policy Manual in response to changes in legislation under Bill 68 Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. Council considered proposed changes to these documents at the September 25, 2018 meeting and will finalize changes at the October 16, 2018 meeting.