County Council Highlights - May 22, 2018

Wonderland Road Study  

Elgin County Council received correspondence from the regional director of the Ministry of Transportation expressing willingness to cost share 50% of a planning and environmental assessment study for the Highway 3/Ron McNeil Line intersection and the connection to Wonderland Road. The study would be based on mutually agreed upon terms of reference. Council authorized staff to negotiate the terms of reference and the cost sharing agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and report back to County Council.

Municipal Tax Advisory Group

The Municipal Tax Advisory Group (MTAG) presented to Council regarding the services that it offers and how these services can help municipalities to increase their participation in ensuring an accurate and fair assessment base.

County Council decided to increase its involvement through an active Assessment Base Management program using the services provided by MTAG.

MTAG will be retained to source new assessment helping Elgin to grow its tax base by identifying missing and undervalued assessment. Additionally MTAG will assist Elgin and its municipal partners in identifying those appeals that Elgin should actively participate in as well as determine the appropriate level of participation.

The full presentation from MTAG and an accompanying report from the Director of Financial Services can be found in the May 22, 2018 Council agenda package.

 Port Stanley Visitor’s Centre

Council voted to enter into a lease agreement with the Municipality of Central Elgin for a new visitor’s centre located in Port Stanley.  The Municipality of Central Elgin planned the construction of a building consisting of public washroom facilities and an equipment storage area and Elgin worked with the Municipality to expand the space to include a visitor’s centre.


The Economic Development department operates two tourism kiosks – one located in Port Burwell and the other in Port Stanley. There is also a mobile tourism cruiser that attends events in West Elgin and throughout the County. Finding an ideal location for a tourism kiosk in Port Stanley has been a challenge over the years. For the past two years, the County has leased 155 square feet at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. This space has sufficed while a more visible and permanent location was being investigated and developed. The kiosk is now open and will be staffed with a student 7 days a week during the summer months.