Office of CAO/Clerk

Mission Statement:

The County of Elgin strives to provide a safe, pleasant community for all citizens through a variety of services designed to promote quality of life and our rich historical and agricultural heritage.

Corporate Goals
  1. To ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability
  2. To promote cultural services
  3. To nurture and support dignified long-term care
  4. To be recognized as a desired employer
  5. To promote Elgin as “The Place to Live”
  6. To forge community partnerships
  7. To provide innovative and collaborative quality service
  8. To recognize and seize opportunities for improvement
  9. To build and maintain an efficient, affordable, effective and safe transportation network that accommodates the diverse needs of our communities and is able to support economic development and sustainable growth
Services Provided
  • Responsible for general control of management of the affairs of the municipality for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective operation of the municipality.
  • Provide policy advice and secretarial support to Council
  • Co-ordinate the development of policies and procedures with Management Team for presentation to Council
  • Supervise Department Heads and Managers
  • Ensure that new legislation is reviewed and appropriate actions are presented to Council
  • Supervise the County's Weed Inspector/Tree Commissioner
  • Freedom of Information Co-coordinator
  • Liaison with outside Boards and Agencies, such as Elgin-St. Thomas Board of Health, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What services does the County of Elgin offer?

A. List of County Services (Phone number 519-631-1460) Administrative Services x 156 Archives x 154 Economic Development x 168 Engineering Services x 162 Financial Services x 144 Homes for Seniors Bobier Villa (519) 762-2417 Elgin Manor (519) 631-0620 Terrace Lodge (519) 773-9205 Human Resources x 155 Library Services x 148 Museum x 160 Provincial Offences Administration x 118 Tourism x 168

Q. What are the Administrative Building's office hours?

A. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Q. Where do we pay our taxes?

A. At your local municipal office (for listing click here * link to Council description page)

Q. What are the names of the seven (7) municipalities in Elgin County?

A. Municipality of Bayham, Municipality of Central Elgin, Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich, Municipality of West Elgin, Town of Aylmer, Township of Malahide, and Township of Southwold.

Q. What is the population of Elgin County?

A. 49 235 (2006 Census, Statistics Canada)

Q. What is the population of the municipalities in the County of Elgin?

Municipality of Bayham 6 727
Municipality of Central Elgin 12 723
Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich 3 821
Municipality of West Elgin 5349
Town of Aylmer 7069
Township of Malahide 8 828
Township of Southwold 4 724

Q. I am interested in learning more about working for the County of Elgin

A. Visit the Human Resources page by clicking here: Elgin County Human Resources

Q. Who is responsible for garbage pick up?

A. Each municipality is responsible for their own garbage pick up, contact your respective municipalities for problems with garbage pick up.

Q. where can I get a Marriage License?

A. Marriage Licenses are issued in the Town of Aylmer, Municipality of West Elgin, and the City of St. Thomas.

Q. Is this where I pay for my taxes?

A. No. This can be done at the lower-tier municipality that you reside in.

Q. How do I book a room in the County Building, and what types of rooms are there?

A. Please contact Anne Bennie of Engineering Services to obtain the Room Booking Form by phoning 519-631-1460 x162 or via email

Q. What highways does the County of Elgin maintain?
A. Each individual municipality maintains the County and municipal roads within their boundaries.
Q. where can I get a moving/road occupancy permit

A. Visit the Engineering Services section of the website for more information: Elgin County Engineering Services

Q. When is the maintenance work going to be done on the county road I live on?

A. The local municipality is now performing the maintenance on County Roads. Please call the Municipal Office in your area for further clarification.

Q. I live in St. Thomas, when is maintenance work going to be done on the road I live on?

A. All inquiries regarding roadways with City of St. Thomas should be forwarded to their Works Department. City of St. Thomas Works Department 519-631-1680

Admin Services Monthly Calendars


Police Services Board

Police Services Board Members

Police Services Board Members

Community Appointee

  • Mr. David Marr, Chair (representing Central Elgin)

Municipal Appointee

  • Mr. Jim Jenkins (representing  Bayham/Malahide)

  • Mr. Douglas G. Gunn (representing West Elgin, Dutton-Dunwich and Southwold)

Provincial Appointee

  • Ms. Joanne Ferguson
  • Mrs. Bonnie Vowel, Vice-Chair


  • Inspector Brad Fishleigh
    Detachment Commander
    Elgin County Ontario Provincial Police
    42696 John Wise Line
    St. Thomas, ON N5P 3S9
    Phone: 519-631-2920
    Fax: 519-631-2923


  • Ms. Julie Gonyou
    CAO, County of Elgin
    450 Sunset Drive
    ST. THOMAS, Ontario N5R 5V1
    Phone: 519-631-1460 ext. 161
    Fax: 519-633-7661
Police Services Board Minutes


Street Address: County of Elgin Administration Building
450 Sunset Drive St. Thomas Ontario N5R 5V1
Phone: 519-631-1460 ext.161 Fax: 519-633-7661