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Paul Ens

Paul Ens



(519) 866-5295

Years on Council: 

Second Term




Mayor/ Elgin County Warden 2015

Mr. Ens was elected Mayor in the October 2010 municipal election, after serving three years as a Councillor. He was re-elected Mayor in the October 2014 election. Mr. Ens was the 2015 Elgin County Warden.

He serves on the Dispute Resolution Committee and the Rural Initiatives Committee.

He has a rich history of serving his community, including: Member of  Straffordville Community Committee, the Lions Club of Straffordville and the Optimist Club of Straffordville/Bayham.

An employee at a manufacturing facility, Mr. Ens also enjoys having draft horses as a hobby.

He is married to Mary Lee.