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Engineering Services

What We Do

Contact Information:
County of Elgin Administration Building
450 Sunset Drive
St Thomas Ontario N5R 5V1
Phone: 519-631-1460 Ext. 4
Fax: 519-631-4297

Engineering Services is responsible for all engineering and administration for:

  • 700 kilometres of County roads
  • 137structures(greater than 3 metre span)
  • hundreds of smaller culverts,
  • kilometres of road drains and safety infrastructure.





Peter Dutchak, Acting Director Engineering Services 124
Kevin Englehart, Quality Assurance Supervisor / Emergency Management Co-ordinator 121
Jim Carter, Manager of Corporate Facilities
Cole Aicken, Building Sciences Technologist 143
Susan Galloway, Land Division Secretary-Treasurer 104
Becky Higgs, Administrative Assistant 162


Duties include:bucks

  • Bridge and culvert inspections
  • Capital planning, needs studies and budgeting
  • Tender package creation for: road reconstruction, bridge rehabilitation, asphalt, gravel, cold-in-place recycling, high float, drainage works, etc.
  • Survey, design and plan creation for: road construction, bridge rehabilitations, culvert extensions and other major maintenance projects
  • Erosion monitoring and miscellaneous surveying

Administrative Duties include:

king george

  • County Council reports and requests
  • Address and respond to public concerns
  • Contract inspection and administration for all tendered projects
  • Traffic studies
  • Safety devices inventories and inspections
  • Advisory speed postings
  • Municipal drains
  • Permits - Road Occupancy/ Oversize / Overweight Moving Permits (Single and Annual)
  • Accident reports and insurance claim investigations
  • Approvals, comments, inspections, filing and follow-up of reports, applications, permits and requests (i.e. land division and severances, bridge weight by-laws, agreement drains, Legal drawings, road closures, parades, environmental assessments, land titles, sub-divisions, planning issues, zoning,  minor variances, municipality requests, etc.
  • Monitor municipality's maintenance of County Roads to ensure compliance with the County Road Service Standards on a quarterly basis
  • Chair monthly meetings with the lower-tier Road Superintendents to co-ordinate work, share resources and discuss future planning and needs and report to County Council
  • Responsible for day to day operation of the 72,400 square foot County Administration Building and grounds including: lease negotiations for 13 current tenants, parking allotment, concerns, requests, maintenance and repairs
  • Also responsible for repairs and capital improvements for the White's Station Garage and the Elgin County Health Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is/where can I get a moving/ road occupancy permit?

A. See the appropriate permit sections on this website for explanation. If have any further questions, please call our office.

Q. How do I book a room in The County Building, and what types of rooms are there?

The Elgin County  County Administration Building is located at 450 Sunset Drive in St. Thomas. This Art Deco style building was constructed in 1939 and housed the Nurse's residence for the St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital. The building was purchased by the County of Elgin in 1985.

For information on leasing office space, please contact Engineering Services Department (Phone:519-631-1460) Ext. 4.

Q. When is maintenance work going to be done on the county road I live on (e.g. Fixing pot holes, snow plowing, damaged mailboxes, etc.)?

A. The local municipality is now performing the maintenance on County roads. Please call the municipal office in your area for further clarification.
Bayham 519-866-5521
Central Elgin 519-631-4860
Dutton/Dunwich 519-762-2204
West Elgin 519-785-0560
Aylmer 519-773-3164
Malahide 519-773-5344
Southwold 519-769-2010

Q. I live in St.Thomas, when is maintenance work going to be done on the road I live on?

A. All inquires regarding roadways with City of St. Thomas should be forwarded to the Works Department. City of St. Thomas Works Department 519-631-1680

Q. I have a concern/complaint regarding Highway #3 east of St. Thomas.

A. Only the portion of Highway #3 west of St. Thomas (in Talbotville) was reverted to County. Therefore for any concerns regarding the portion of the highway that is east of Talbotville, please contact the Ministry of Transportation (London office).

Any concerns regarding the portion of the highway west of Talbotville please contact our office. County of Elgin Engineering Services 519-631-1460 ext. 4

Ministry of Transportation(London District Office) 519-873-4200