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Administrative Services

Mission Statement

General Contact Information

Street Address:County of Elgin Administration Building 450 Sunset Drive St Thomas Ontario N5R 5V1 Phone: 519 631-1460 ext.161 Fax: 519 633-7661 General Department

The County of Elgin strives to provide a safe, pleasant community for all citizens through a variety of services designed to promote quality of life and our rich historical and agricultural heritage.


Chief Administrative Officer: Julie Gonyou ext. 105
Planner: Steve Evans ext. 126
County Solicitor: Steve Gibson ext. 103
Administrative Assistant: Marilyn Payler ext. 156
Administrative Assistant: Marie Findlay ext. 161
Tree Commission/Weed Inspector: Kettle Creek Conservation Authority 519-631-1270

Our Goals

  1. To ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability
  2. To promote cultural services
  3. To nurture and support dignified long-term care
  4. To be recognized as a desired employer
  5. To promote Elgin as “The Place to Live”
  6. To forge community partnerships
  7. To provide innovative and collaborative quality service
  8. To recognize and seize opportunities for improvement
  9. To build and maintain an efficient, affordable, effective and safe transportation network that accommodates the diverse needs of our communities and is able to support economic development and sustainable growth

Our Services

  • Responsible for general control of management of the affairs of the municipality for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective operation of the municipality.
  • Provide policy advice and secretarial support to Council
  • Co-ordinate the development of policies and procedures with Management Team for presentation to Council
  • Supervise Department Heads and Managers
  • Ensure that new legislation is reviewed and appropriate actions are presented to Council
  • Supervise the County's Weed Inspector/Tree Commissioner
  • Freedom of Information Co-coordinator
  • Liaison with outside Boards and Agencies, such as Elgin-St. Thomas Board of Health, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing