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Business In Elgin

farmers in field

Business in Elgin is thriving.Man standing beside a transport truck in a field

Elgin County is a dynamic and growing community strategically located within a short two hour drive of both Toronto and Detroit. A diverse base of agricultural, environmental, manufacturing, tourism and creative industries serves the surrounding population of 400, 000 people. Elgin County is truly progressive by nature. The area is home to one of Canada's largest wind farms, several large solar projects and enjoys innovative engineering of alternative energy sources such as bio-diesel and ethanol. With some of Ontario's richest soils and a long growing season, Elgin's agricultural industries are thriving. Agriculture accounts for 19.7% of the jobs in the County, with sales of $558 million annually. Elgin's tourism and cultural sectors are ever expanding as the area's pristine natural beauty, beaches, wineries, museums, galleries and quaint villages are discovered more and more everyday. Elgin County's strategic location and competitive labour and business costs make it the ideal location for businesses to succeed.