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Online Music Services

To download, or not to download... that is the question.

These days, you can call up any song at anytime online for free.  Do you need to 'own' a song for offline play?  Or is it enough to know that your favourite music is always a matter of keystrokes away, so you don't need to store it?

Here are some options for Elgin County Library patrons:


Google Play Music - an online radio to listen to for free with unlimited access to music when streamed online through the internet. Search for songs, artists, genres and more! 





Spotify - available for free. Search, browse, and discover new music online. New music is added on a weekly basis. Includes online streaming radio, playlists, music albums, or the ability to build a personalized playlist.  



YouTube -- A great source for songs and videos. As a fun twist, type the word "karaoke" after your search term to sing along.


Freegal MusicIn 2014, Elgin County Library subscribed to a service called Freegal Music on a trial basis.  This service allows library patrons to download up to 3 songs per week that you will own for personal use and can store on your computer/device.  Please note that a fee is charged to the library for every song you download.  As a result, we have placed a cap on the number of songs that can be downloaded by Elgin County Library patrons.  You can download 3 songs per week until we've met our monthly maximum.  If you receive a message that the number of downloads has been exceeded, we apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you try again at a later date.