Special Formats

CELA - Centre for Equitable Library Access

A number of programs and services are available for the blind and partially sighted, including special book loans through the CNIB Library. Please ask library staff for more information.

Large Print Books 

Large print books are available at all Elgin County Library locations through a rotating branch collection.

These books feature novels of romance, mystery, adventure, westerns, historical fiction and family sagas as well as non-fiction titles including biographies. Browse our large print title list.


If reading or holding books is a challenge, you might want to try having books read to you. Elgin County Library provides a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction audiobooks in digital & CD format.

Accessible Formats

Materials in accessible formats such braille, DAISY or a variety of electronic formats may be made available where they exist.  Please speak to library staff for more information.

Viewing content on the Elgin County Library website in high-contrast is easily available. Simply press the 'Toggle High Contrast' Toggle High Contrast Button button on the right side of the screen to view content in this format. 

To increase the size of text, all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) incorporate a zoom feature. The shortcut for all these browsers is to simply hold ctrl (cmd on Mac) and press the = key to zoom in, - key to zoom out and ctrl and 0 key to reset text to the default size. You can also hold the ctrl key and mouse wheel (scroll) to zoom in or out.  

Skip links offer the ability to jump to specific sections such as content, site map or the contact section are available and accessed by pressing the tab key. This feature also enables individuals to browse content of the site without the use of a mouse or in addition with a screen-reader. 

Assistance Beyond the Library


Bookshare is the world's largest online library for individuals with print disabilities. Learn more about becoming a member.

Frontier Computing

Frontier Computing is a complete sales and service provider of assistive technology products for vision loss, learning disabilities, communication aids and physical access.