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Age-Friendly Community Discussion Paper

The Elgin St. Thomas Age-Friendly Steering Committee is developing a community plan for residents of Elgin County and the City of St. Thomas. An Age-Friendly Community (AFC) is one where policies, services and facilities support and enable older people to live in a secure environment, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in their communities.
Work on the plan is well underway and will be completed in the late fall. The project is being led by a Steering Committee with representatives from the City of St. Thomas, County of Elgin, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health and a cross-section of service providers and seniors. It will produce a comprehensive and sustainable AFC plan that will serve as a template to address the needs of our growing seniors population. The next step of the consultation process begins with this discussion paper, which reflects the thinking of the participants in the planning process so far. This is "work in progress" that will evolve as we hear more from our various stakeholders.
Please read it carefully and consider the questions posed. We welcome comments from all interested individuals including anyone of any age living in Elgin St. Thomas or the surrounding areas. A response form is attached for you to record your views.