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Tremaine's Map Of The County Of Elgin, 1864
Tremaine's Map of the County of Elgin, 1864

Commemorative edition in celebration of the sesquicentennial of the County of Elgin, 1852 - 2002. Painstakingly reproduced from the original in atlas form on a township-by-township basis, it documents property owners and geographical landscapes of the time. This ground-breaking hardcover edition is fully indexed and includes numerous insets and views. Hardcover $20.00. Cheque/ money order payable to Elgin County Library.

All the Girls Have Gone: Alma College, the Latter Years

A new history of Alma College, by award-winning author Susan Butlin.

All the Girls Have Gone

This publication is currently out of print, having sold out its first printing. If you wish to be placed on a list to purchase a copy in the event that a second printing is undertaken, please contact

The Scott-Sefton Collection: Elgin's History

Through A Photographer's Lens

Scott Sefton CollectionOver 200 pages of photographs with captions highlighting all aspects of community life, including sports and recreation, churches, businesses, built heritage, railways and schools. Hardcover $10.00. Softcover $10.00. Cheque/ money order payable to Elgin Photographic Heritage Society.

Harvest of Memories: Elgin's History Through a Photographer's Lens, Volume II

Harvest of Memories

A pictorial tour of Elgin County featuring over 200 photographs selected from the holdings of the Elgin County Archives. Images of railway stations, streetscapes and historic buildings recall many of the forgotten villages of Elgin. Other views of farms, fishing, factories, and mills recall the many changes that have taken place over the last 100 years. Also includes a special section on the International Plowing Matches hosted by Elgin County since 1940. Available for $15.00 including HST at all Elgin County library branches and at the Elgin County Museum, 450 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, 4th Floor, 519-631-1460 ext 160.

Documenting Our Roots: A Sesquicentennial History of the County of Elgin, 1852-2002

Documenting Our RootsThis publication focuses on significant documents in the County’s history, profiles "Clerk Emeritus" K.W. McKay, and includes a list of all County Councillors since 1852. Hardcover $25.00. Cheque/ money order payable to Elgin County Library.

Ontario Visual Heritage Project: Elgin

Ontario Visual Heritage Project: Elgin

DVDs are available for $20.00 each and VHS videocassettes are available for $10.00 each or 2/$15.00. Cheque/ money order payable to Elgin County Archives.

Alma College Centennial Book, 1877-1977

Alma College Centennial Book, 1877-1977 - front cover

Now available to download in pdf format. Click on the links below to download specific sections. Depending on your connection speed, downloads may take a minute or more to complete. Once downloading is complete, you may save the file to your computer or a disk, and search the file using the "find" function.

Cover, Contents, Foreword, Preface

Chapter I: 1876-1919, A Ladies College for Elgin County

Chapter II: 1919-1947, The Dobson Years

Chapter III: 1947-1953, Post-War Adjustments

Chapter IV: 1953-1970, A Woman Takes Over

Chapter V: 1970-1977, Alma College Today

Chapter VI: 1901-1977, The Alumnae Story

Appendix, Lists, Acknowledgements

Diary of a War Bird, 1917-1919

Diary of a War Bird title page

Captain Norman B. "Nipper" Scott's account of his experiences as a fighter pilot serving with the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Air Force in England and France during the First World War. Now available to download in pdf format.

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